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One Star Diver (ISO)

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  1. Welcome to the Underwater World
    5 Tópicos
  2. Diving Equipments
    6 Tópicos
  3. Our First Contact with Water
    9 Tópicos
  4. The Effects of Changes in Pressure
    4 Tópicos
  5. Breathing with Scuba Set
    10 Tópicos
  6. Limitations of Breathing Air Underwater
    3 Tópicos
  7. Planing and Monitoring Your Dives
    6 Tópicos
  8. After the Dive
    5 Tópicos
  9. About the Practical Skills
    12 Tópicos
  10. Underwater Wildlife
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What You Need to Get Started

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Administrative Documentation

With your driving school instructor, you need to fulfil administrative documentation and complete the registration in the MyCMAS platform.

Medical Statement

A doctor must certify that you are psychologically and physically fit for the practice of SCUBA diving.

Basic Equipment

The basic equipment consists of a mask, snorkel, and fins. A weight belt is additional. If your instructor announces that you will be using a wet suit due to the water temperature, you will also find all the information related to diving suits in “Basic Equipment” topic.